Monday, September 14, 2009

pictures of the kids

Every Firday we wear red shirts for Red Shirt Friday to support our troopsI love Christopher's face
Landon has the sweetest little chubby cheeks. Today when I saw just a fraction of the mess he made, I thought of those cheeks and how cute I think he is. It helped. Some.

Little blondies

Sweet little Christopher. Today Courtney got hurt and was crying. Chris walked over to her with open arms and gave her a hug. I thought it was so adorable. I didn't get a picture because our camera is broken. :( Maybe next time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are leggings appropriate for church?

I went to a stake YW activity years ago. They had a sister who apparently went all over to speak to LDS sisters about appropriate dress. Between this sister and Pres. Hinkley this is what is expected for Sunday dress:
  • no denim
  • no hoodies
  • wear nylons
  • no flip flops
  • no pictures or words on shirts

This was before leggings became a trend. I occasionally wear leggings to church. Like when I was asked to help in nursery. I knew I'd be down on the ground and I thought leggings would ensure modesty. Also, when I was pregnant with the twins my maternity dresses became very short (I found being tall and carrying two babies makes it difficult to cover up and, being in St.G, my wardrobe choices were limited)-leggings were my fall back. I have seen baby doll style shirts (I assume because it was quite short) worn with leggings; that seemed inappropriate to me. Also, leggings worn with denim skirts make the denim look even more casual. For me, it depends on whether the leggings are dressing an outfit down or if they are for a practical purpose like modesty or warmth. I think leggings or thick tights for little girls are great since they don't always know how to sit and stay covered. But there are outfits that I think are probably not dressy enough for church in the first place that I think leggings could be nixed. Some of you may be thinking: "who cares what you wear as long as you attend church?" I agree that we should be at church to worship, not to have a fashion show. But I would like to dress appropriately as an example to my children and the YW whom I was recently called to teach :)

By the way, I gave up on wearing nylons to church every Sunday after my second baby- too many runs/snags to worry about buying a new pair every week or so. I'll give them another try after my kids are old enough not to have to hold on my lap.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the facebook race

many of you have seen this picture
because we are friends on FACEBOOK. i started facebook to chat and share pictures with friends and relatives and even find a few friends that i'd lost contact with. i thought i'd just keep it to a few people. then the "friend requests" start coming in. now, i understand that facebook suggests friends that you might possibly know and it's fun to see people and their families and check out what's going on in their world. however, i don't get requesting "friends" who one has never even spoken to and has no connection with. i don't really want to share pictures of my kids with strangers. i've had several requests from people i know i've never seen before because they live in a different country. but the one that tops it off is a request i recently received from a girl i went to high school with who, from all accounts, despised me. i didn't know her, never said anything mean to her, but she found some reason to strongly dislike me and facebook has, i assume, suggested that she befriend me. when i mentioned the girl's name to erin he said something along the lines of "the one who hated you". yep, you're not the only one i've heard that from. for many, facebook seems like a friend race. one of my fb friends (who, by the way, i really like and think is hilarious) recently announced they had reached 1000 friends. 1000 friends? i can't even keep my own kids straight let alone remember 1000 names of people i don't regularly see. i have "ignored" requests from people i don't know and they sent me another. usually after the second request i confirm them IF the look even vaguely familiar. i'm thinking maybe i will start a new fb account and put pictures of my family on that one and then accept every tom dick and harry that requests me as a friend on my current one. then if someone i've never met sends me a friend request i can send them a message back that says: "please send request to other account. i don't accept strangers as friends on this one. :)"
p.s. have you heard about people who have creditors request them as fb friends and then harass them about their over due accounts? that right there tells me to be weary of never-before-seen-friends. you never know what their intent is. they could be predators. and yes, i do admit i'm a bit paranoid.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

lincoln's first day at preschool

Lincoln really wanted to go to school this year. we settled for preschool at the Busy Bee Academy, which I've heard nothing but rave reviews for.
I thought a lot about whether I should put Lincoln in kindergarten this year. I feel he is ready, but thought there would be advantages to having him start next year.
*he would be the oldest instead of the youngest
*there is research showing that it's better for the child if they start kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5
*I assume he will want to date and drive- it would be nice for him to start these things with his classmates
*it seems logical to graduate HS and then leave for a mission, rather than wait a year and have that time to start college or get a job or meet a girl...and then leave
*Lincoln and Landon are just over a year apart in age; it makes sense that they should be a year apart in school
*I'm not ready to let go of my little boy! but don't worry, this last one played very little part in our decision.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a pirates life for me

lincoln turns 5!
you know how people always tell you that kids grow up so fast? when lincoln was a baby i heard that a lot (too many times, in my opinion) and i always thought "yeah, yeah". well, they were speaking from experience and although i try to hold my tongue and not yell at every mother with a baby, "enjoy it! it'll be over before you know it-they grow up so fast." i think it and hope that i, myself, will enjoy my children as much as possible.
now, on to the party. we had a pirate party and guests were invited to dress up.

we had 10 kids (ages 3-7) + three one yr olds (the twins and my nephew). my sister told me afterwards she thought i was crazy for having that many kids over without their parents, but i thought it was a blast (and i hope the parents had a little break at home). i think i had as much fun as the kids did.

we made eye patches

did the hokey pokey and made pirate jewelry

went on a treasure hunt

and, of coarse, had cake and ice cream.

the kids were so cute and were so much fun. i will definitely do this again.

we love you, lincoln.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i love joe

my brother joe watched the kids for us so erin and i could go see harry potter. joe is single and really doesn't have a lot of experience tending to children. so i consider him very brave and super nice to take on the task of watching four little ones. he did a great job and even put the twins in bed. he told me that i would be so proud of him because he had to change both of the twins diapers. this is what i found when i checked on them before i went to bed:

their diapers are on backwards. both of them.
i had to smile. diapers aren't fun to change even when you're not making it harder for yourself by trying to put them on backward.
i think you're awesome, joe!