Friday, November 21, 2008

lincoln, the protector

yesterday lincoln (4 yrs) thought courtney "hit" christopher (both 9 mths). lincoln tried to hit her back. i asked why he was trying to hit courtney and he told me she hit chris. i explained that the babies are too young to try to be mean and if someone hits he should tell mommy instead of hitting back. i asked if he would like to tell courtney sorry to make her feel better. he said "no. i want to talk to courtney." (okay....????) he said: "courtney, don't hit chris or i will tell mommy." he did tell her sorry and then he turned to christopher. "chris, if courtney tries to hit you, you come to me."

twins, or so they say

i think when the word twins is used people in general think of two boys or girls with matching faces and outfits. i have to say i was relieved to find out that my twins were different sexes, but i didn't expect quite what i got. there is not a similar feature on their faces. beside this, christopher has olive skin, gray eyes and brown hair (like landon) while courtney is very fair with blue eyes and blonde hair (like lincoln). as if this weren't enough to say to the world "we are two seperate and distinct people!" their personalities are on opposite ends of the spectrum as well. christopher is so laid back and calm. he has a light in his eyes that i and, i dare say, others are taken with. we call him our little charmer for he can relate his feelings of joy to us through his eyes. he has a very special and sweet spirit. courtney, on the other hand (or should i say IN my other hand?), is very outgoing. she wants to meet everyone and has a smile ready for them so big and cheesy it takes over her entire face. it's hard to not meet her smile with a laugh. she is so happy and wants to share her enthusiasm with all.
although i am now sure why Heavenly Father usually sends one baby at a time (the pain and risk of pregnancy, the very hard work that seems never ending and the occasional guilt that your baby either has to share attention or wait their turn) i am very grateful that HF blessed us with our twins.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I often give the kids choices. "You can walk inside like a big boy, or i'll carry you and you can sit in time out. You choose." The other day Lincoln wanted to go outside to play, so he said to me,"You can let me play out side or I will pick my nose. You choose."