Wednesday, June 24, 2009

softball chaos-yelling and tears

i took the kids to watch erin play softball. i usually don't do that because there are four kids and one of me- the odds aren't in my favor. the team was playing well and winning game after game. then......landon. he ran out on the field during a game. he was smart about it, too. he went to the other side of the field so i couldn't see him go through the fence. this happened twice, so i buckled him in the stroller. then, after his time-out, he did it again. this time the guys took him to the dug out (a lot of kids get to sit in there with their daddys) but one of the umpires kept ranting and got inches from erin's face talking/yelling about landon. erin is pretty easy going, but there are two things you don't do: get in his face and threaten his family. erin (not so nicely) told the umpire to get out of his face and not to threaten him or his kid (i told you, didn't i?) the ump tossed erin out of the game. then a teammate got tossed for sticking up for erin sticking up for his son, then another teammate, then some guy who wasn't even playing or on the field. ok, so the order might be off, but you get the idea. they called the game (just before erin's team won the championship) which caused an uproar. chaos. havoc. everyone was shouting. i wasn't quite sure what had happened (apparently i blinked). i went over to the umpire to apologise (the one who caused the chaos had been escorted away) so i told the remaining umpires sorry that my son ran onto the field, that my husband had been away and every time erin isn't right there landon thinks he's leaving him (this is where the tears came into play) and landon just wants to be with his daddy. obviously they appreciated my apology since everyone else was yelling at them.

now, i have been to my fair share of sporting events. if you go to enough you're sure to see some "excitement" but i had never seen anything quite like this before.

Friday, June 5, 2009

it's amazing how much...

...little kids love a bat and a ball. even the twins wanted to play "baseball". see? there are more exciting things than the swings. here are some pics from our day at the park (and our backyard).