Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a pirates life for me

lincoln turns 5!
you know how people always tell you that kids grow up so fast? when lincoln was a baby i heard that a lot (too many times, in my opinion) and i always thought "yeah, yeah". well, they were speaking from experience and although i try to hold my tongue and not yell at every mother with a baby, "enjoy it! it'll be over before you know it-they grow up so fast." i think it and hope that i, myself, will enjoy my children as much as possible.
now, on to the party. we had a pirate party and guests were invited to dress up.

we had 10 kids (ages 3-7) + three one yr olds (the twins and my nephew). my sister told me afterwards she thought i was crazy for having that many kids over without their parents, but i thought it was a blast (and i hope the parents had a little break at home). i think i had as much fun as the kids did.

we made eye patches

did the hokey pokey and made pirate jewelry

went on a treasure hunt

and, of coarse, had cake and ice cream.

the kids were so cute and were so much fun. i will definitely do this again.

we love you, lincoln.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i love joe

my brother joe watched the kids for us so erin and i could go see harry potter. joe is single and really doesn't have a lot of experience tending to children. so i consider him very brave and super nice to take on the task of watching four little ones. he did a great job and even put the twins in bed. he told me that i would be so proud of him because he had to change both of the twins diapers. this is what i found when i checked on them before i went to bed:

their diapers are on backwards. both of them.
i had to smile. diapers aren't fun to change even when you're not making it harder for yourself by trying to put them on backward.
i think you're awesome, joe!

Friday, July 3, 2009

shoes from oz, etc.

i love these shoes. i would love a pair in my size. of coarse, they wouldn't be as cute (as things are cuter when they're smaller) but i would happily wear them anyway. i have small hopes for them fitting her come Halloween, but if they do....

christopher hung up

yes, the sad face. she wanted out of her high chair.

landon rarely has anything but a pair of shorts on. he loves to hang on to my legs and be dragged around.


twins giving each other high 5- it's very cute.

lincoln "making my hair pretty".