Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a pirates life for me

lincoln turns 5!
you know how people always tell you that kids grow up so fast? when lincoln was a baby i heard that a lot (too many times, in my opinion) and i always thought "yeah, yeah". well, they were speaking from experience and although i try to hold my tongue and not yell at every mother with a baby, "enjoy it! it'll be over before you know it-they grow up so fast." i think it and hope that i, myself, will enjoy my children as much as possible.
now, on to the party. we had a pirate party and guests were invited to dress up.

we had 10 kids (ages 3-7) + three one yr olds (the twins and my nephew). my sister told me afterwards she thought i was crazy for having that many kids over without their parents, but i thought it was a blast (and i hope the parents had a little break at home). i think i had as much fun as the kids did.

we made eye patches

did the hokey pokey and made pirate jewelry

went on a treasure hunt

and, of coarse, had cake and ice cream.

the kids were so cute and were so much fun. i will definitely do this again.

we love you, lincoln.


Kathryn said...

Pirate parties are so fun! Great job! Looks like he had a ball.

SusieQ said...

Arrrgh! Looks like the party was a treasure chest of fun!
Thanks so much for the cake AND even more for your prayers!

Sun said...

Oh my! That looks like you guys had a blast. You are a champ, Jen!

Andrea Trumbull said...

Cute! cute! cute! Did Lincoln get a bike?!! That is so cool! :) Totally looked like a SWEET party!

Missy G said...

great party! happy birthday lincoln!

Nous Sommes Amoureux said...

You are super mom!!!