Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are leggings appropriate for church?

I went to a stake YW activity years ago. They had a sister who apparently went all over to speak to LDS sisters about appropriate dress. Between this sister and Pres. Hinkley this is what is expected for Sunday dress:
  • no denim
  • no hoodies
  • wear nylons
  • no flip flops
  • no pictures or words on shirts

This was before leggings became a trend. I occasionally wear leggings to church. Like when I was asked to help in nursery. I knew I'd be down on the ground and I thought leggings would ensure modesty. Also, when I was pregnant with the twins my maternity dresses became very short (I found being tall and carrying two babies makes it difficult to cover up and, being in St.G, my wardrobe choices were limited)-leggings were my fall back. I have seen baby doll style shirts (I assume because it was quite short) worn with leggings; that seemed inappropriate to me. Also, leggings worn with denim skirts make the denim look even more casual. For me, it depends on whether the leggings are dressing an outfit down or if they are for a practical purpose like modesty or warmth. I think leggings or thick tights for little girls are great since they don't always know how to sit and stay covered. But there are outfits that I think are probably not dressy enough for church in the first place that I think leggings could be nixed. Some of you may be thinking: "who cares what you wear as long as you attend church?" I agree that we should be at church to worship, not to have a fashion show. But I would like to dress appropriately as an example to my children and the YW whom I was recently called to teach :)

By the way, I gave up on wearing nylons to church every Sunday after my second baby- too many runs/snags to worry about buying a new pair every week or so. I'll give them another try after my kids are old enough not to have to hold on my lap.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that you shouldn't wear them just to get away with wearing a short skirt. But, for a slightly short skirt, for us tall girls, I think it's appropriate. It can look very classy when dressed up. But I agree with you again, denim AND leggings, no no no!